New release | Hobsons Bay Coast Guard

New release | Hobsons Bay Coast Guard


Get In Line/Big Tuna’ is the new double single from Hobsons Bay Coast Guard.

Still carving the crest of their debut album release last May, the Melbourne based foursome offer yet another tantalising gift before the alter of surf-pop.


A-side ‘Get in line’ bursts out of the gates like a mad sea-stallion. Press play and an immediate vocal mantra cries out the absurdity of hitting the club only to queue outside: ‘Come on baby lets go party, come on baby let’s go wait in line’. After this Aqua-esque hook, ‘Get In Line’ hits like a falling brick wall.

Where ‘Get in Line’ is frenzied, ‘Big Tuna’ is frenzied and… well EPIC. But this song is not a slow burn. ‘Big Tuna’ jumps around like a hungry shark on a boat - and the shark is a big B-52’s fan. That same deep refrain permeates Big Tuna’s childish yet dreamlike outro -a protracted jam overlayed with a final, distant voice that chants the song’s title like the name of an ancient sea-god, carrying you to shore.

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