New release | HBCG 'Junkie'

New release | HBCG 'Junkie'


The future rulers of Melbourne's slacker-surf-psyche stack - Hobson's Bay Coast Guard - have unveiled new single 'Junkie', yet another swag-laden block of gold featuring from their forthcoming debut album.


Two years have been spent percolating a debut album, forming the team and signing a record deal. Following 2018's Dolphin Racer', 'Surf 1' and 'Wannabe', 'Junkie' is the fourth piece of the puzzle and took no less than 11 versions to get to the one the band was happy with.

Bassist, guitarist and vocalist Erik Scerba says of the track: “Junkie is for me one of those black sheep songs in an album that show the band have more up their sleeve, I remember when Chris showed me the demo for this I was like, “What? Where did these pop sensibilities come from?, aren’t we are making a surf scrap band?”. Even from the lo-fi demo I thought this was a clever song. I always thought comparing someone needing someone to love them and being a junkie was such a perfect lyric idea that i was sure it was made before. I guess it's one of those things that just works.

Their melodies have been compared to a "...skittish Beach Boys", while overall their sonic flavours have evoked Tame Impala and Parquet Courts and everyone in-between, but come album time, expect those comparisons necessary for a new band to dissipate while HBCG swiftly take on a life of their own.

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