Rose Riebl

Rose Riebl


ROSE RIEBL is a Melbourne based pianist, performer, composer | creator of the indigo atlas

Rose Riebl began playing piano at 5 and spent many years intensely involved in classical music training (ANAM, Sydney Conservatorium, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien). Performing and competing from the age of 7, and moving to Vienna to study at the University of Music at 14 she was primed for a classical career. However, somewhere between a love of literature (Melbourne University, BA), years of gypsy travel and time spent studying Shakespeare (University of London, 2013-14) whilst working for the circus she began to compose her own music and tell stories drawing on her years of classical education.

Though she still performs classical repertoire (debut at MRC Salon, August 2017; National China tour March 2018) her primary focus is on composition for her own live performance – she was the winner of Best Music Show at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival – as well as for moving image (her work has been featured in two short films and online ad campaigns) and theatre.

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