Sunrose are a four-piece band based in the hills of Byron Bay who create timeless psychedelic rock/pop.

2016 unveiled the fully formed and absorbing vibe of Sunrose with Strange Behaviour and Sleepwalking completely drawing in listeners to their world of relaxing guitars, emotive lyrics and cosmic vibes.

"It showcases the young groups accomplished musicianship and definitely leaves you wanting more." ~ Tonedeaf

2017 marks the kaleidoscopic explosion of debut E.P Cosmic Horizon, blasting through catchy psych pop melodies, far-out rock anthems and happy deliriums. The first two releases already gaining attention within the industry with premiers on Australian Music Scene, It's Psychedelic Baby Mag and airplay through FBi Radio.

“Fun and sweaty-hot like the shakes, Fever rocks, rollicks and rolls all over the joint, taking you on a journey of wasted and happy delirium.” ~ Wild ‘n Free TV

“The music rolls through melodic grooves with wild, exciting and pleasantly hectic dynamics” ~ Australian Music Scene