Fierce Mild

Fierce Mild


“It's like Mogwai or Explosions In The Sky but with actual vocals, and if that doesn't sound amazing to you, I don't know what will!" -Killyourstereo

A catalyst to engaging and discovering your psyche, and contemplating deeper and darker reasoning, Fierce Mild is a multi-media audio-visual band who have been described as “a synthesis of David Lynch & The Drones” (Reverb Magazine, 2017).

They are an act that draws as much inspiration from cinema, visual art, Australian Noir and Victorian history as from their many musical influences, to craft their intricate brand of Post-Electro Cinematic Art Rock.

"I totally see the Gareth Liddiard comparisons! I found myself being constantly impressed and surprised from start to finish." -Veronica Milson (Triple J)

Comparisons aside, the music and artwork of Fierce Mild explore on the idea of waking the sleeping unconscious, and separating from the constructed world around us. Time is altered as multiple images are displayed at once. The act combines music, sound art and three channels of live projection art to create an immersive experience across multiple senses.

The cinematics of their live performance spectacle are brought even more to life by electric cello and electro-acoustic sound art. The stunning surrealist-horror projection imagery of live-performing video artist Stephanie Peters is matched to the sonic dreamscapes between songs that bind the music together.

"Biggest Facemelters award of BIGSOUND! An audiovisual performance as it should be!" -Happy Magazine

Shows at Australia’s premier music conference BIGSOUND 2017 saw the group critically acclaimed as one of Australia's standout new acts by industry, patrons and media alike. Since then, they have signed to GAGA Music and have shared the stage with the likes of sleepmakeswaves and And So I Watch You From Afar.

“From quiet and delicate to thrashing out angst ridden melodies, they were a prescience to be witnessed..” - Ditch This Magazine, 2018

The band is known for their groundbreaking multimedia convergences. Their 2018 VR experience sold out and was promptly booked for the opening night of West Projections, VIVID 2018 and Melbourne Music Week 2018, while also being exhibited at Clipped Music Video Festival.

Fierce Mild expects you to experience the full gamut of emotions; from awe, to isolation, to confusion. Overall, the band wants to add another dimension to their music while simultaneously making you question what music really is. Simple, really. -Beat Magazine

Their debut album is to be released on Stargazed Records in 2019.