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Bree Tranter has released a special video for 'Twenty-Two' from her 2016 debut album 'Another Night on Earth'. This special release was directed by Emily Dynes who approached Bree with a vision for the song over a year ago.

The music video for ‘Twenty Two’ is a queer love story told through contemporary dance, that focuses on the romantic connection between two young school girls. The performers (Sian Kelly and Jazz Miller) are a real life couple that met in high school, and created the choreography to echo the highs and lows of an intense relationship.

This production was created entirely with a team of female and non binary filmmakers, all of whom were inspired to work on the project after hearing Bree Tranter’s incredibly moving track.

Emily Dynes Quote

‘Bree Tranter is one of my favourite artists, and I’ve loved her music for a very long time. I feel absolutely honoured to have been able to create the visuals for such a beautiful song, especially on a production with an all women and non binary cast and crew. While there has been an increased awareness of gender inequality in the Australian film and music industry over the past few years, there is still a long way to go for representation of female creatives both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Because of that, ‘Twenty Two’ was a deeply special and important project for all of us, and one I’m incredibly proud of. ‘


Director, Producer & Editor: Emily Dynes
Choreographed and performed by: Sian Kelly & Jazz Miller
Production Manager: Annabel Clayton
DOP: Hannah Sinagra
1st AC: Liv Bunting, Sarah Fraser, Bonita Carzino
2nd AC: Tenzin Orlando
Gaffer: Jaz Goodrich
Colourist: Rae Ashley
BTS: Abbie Pobjoy
Production Assisants: Tegan Rodgers & Nikita Dunovits-Ferrier
Unit Manager: Maddie Westbrook
Special thanks to Eliza Dynes and Judy McArthur

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